Blooming Beautiful!

We are hard at work producing great displays to show off all of the gorgeous flowering Perennials, Trees and Shrubs we have been growing ready for sale this Summer.

We have many new lines of Perennials including 4 different types of Aquilegia, 3 varieties of the very pretty Penstemon, the ever popular Verbena bonariensis, variegated Irises and many many more. Perennials are such good value as they come up year on year, flowering majority of the summer.

We are really excited to now be able to offer our customers a one stop shop for plants, where they are able to buy small very good value shrubs, to large instant shrubs, great for blocking out over looking houses or to fill in gaps etc.

Our new parking area and drive in is looking very smart and all completed by our parent company Findwillow Ltd who specalise in Landscaping and Building construction. We have used locally sourced self binding Kentish Ragstone for the main car park area.

Lots of customers have been booking in for our 'Home Visit' service. This is a great opportunity for someone to pop round your property for half an hour to discuss ideas for plants to fill in gaps, or to take a look at a plant that you may be worried about. We do also provide a planting/ garden design service.

Watering is now at full steam ahead. It takes approximately 6 hours a day to water the whole nursery. We have 3 different methods, over head sprinklers, drippers that go directly into the soil of the plant and hand watering for the smaller pots. And of course the weeds are sprouting well what with the rain and warm sunshine. We work hard to keep these at bay!

We are also busy clipping some of the topiary we are growing on to produce balls, cubes and a few other shapes.

We would love for you to pop to the nursery for a wander. We have a few chairs if you need a rest as we are a three and a half acre site!

Until next time.....

Happy planting!

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