Walnut Hill Nurseries,

Walnut Hill Road,                                    Gravesend, Kent

DA13 9HL                                                                          

Tel: 01474 704 859

Fax: 01474 703 732                                    

Email: nurseries@findwillow.co.uk

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Open Mon - Fri

8 am - 4 pm


Saturdays - April - October 2020

10am - 4pm 

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Trees, Shrubs & Hedging

Herbaceous & Ground Cover


Evergreen plants or trees keep their leaves all year long. They do however lose leaves sporadically throughout the year.

Semi-Evergreen plants and trees drop their leaves in cold winters but will keep them if the weather is mild

Deciduous plants and trees look bare in the winter, they will put out new leaves every spring and then drop them in autumn. Some plants and trees will have a spectacular show of autumn leaf colour as their leaves die.

​Spring / Summer

The nursery stocks a large selection of perennials, ornamental cherries and flowering shrubs to brighten up your garden throughout Spring and Summer and will come back year after year.

Autumn / Winter

The Autumn / Winter months don't have to be dull. The nursery has a gorgeous selection of winter flowering shrubs. A lot of the trees have amazing leaf and stem colour, giving some striking winter interest.